Samantha Andrews

Creative Professional

Hello! I'm a creative professional living in Wellington, New Zealand. With a passion for all things creative, I strive to create engaging and captivating content across a wide range of mediums. 

With experience in film and content production, project management for game development and interactive exhibitions and managing social media ad campaigns, I'm on the hunt for a new opportunity within these areas.

TAG The Agency

Content Producer

A range of social media content that I have produced and created for a wide range of clients, including The Body Shop, Gazley Motors, New Zealand Defence Force and more.

Mara & Blu

Project Manager

Play solo or with a friend in a co-op puzzle adventure video game as two unlikely pals explore a vibrant and magical world. They will run, jump and use the environment to overcome the wilderness’ perils as the duo solve puzzles to escape danger.

City Gallery – Cindy Sherman

Editor, Production Assistant

A Vox-pop of New Zealand Artist Fiona Pardington, explaining who and what Cindy Sherman means to her for the Wellington City Gallery Cindy Sherman exhibition. Fiona Pardington was one of four well-known New Zealand women interviewed for the promotion for the exhibition, as well as Karen Walker, Emily Perkins and Dame Patsy Reddy.


Project Manager

What makes an internet famous cat video?

We wanted to explore the relationship between video and audio and how they both come together to influence a viewer and how we could use them simultaneously to heighten ones experience.

As a group, we found it interesting as to what goes into a cat video that makes it become ‘internet famous’ and found it intriguing the way some people treat their cat, as in what they say to their cat and almost shove a camera in its face, all to fit in with the internet sensation of cats.

We want to project these factors on to people to get them thinking about how we treat cats in those situations and see how they feel and react when put in a situation that may be overwhelming and awkward for them.

The whole idea of our installation is to get people thinking about how cats feel when put in a situation that can be overwhelming and frightening for them, therefore making the viewer feel awkward and in the position of the cat.

The Metamorphosis of Thomas O’Gradey

Editor, Set Designer, On-Set Assistant

The Metamorphosis of Thomas O’Grady is a short film about a dreamer and a schemer who manipulate the people of Newtown into believing that the Mothman has returned, with obvious pitfalls in their plan, all in order to save their dying business.

Editing Showreel 2019

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